In a world where everyone's budgets are getting tighter, the cost of natural gas and heating oil are skyrocketing out of control. The need for a "green" technology is becoming a very important issue. Chip Energy is ready to make a change, with the introduction of the Biomass Furnace. Chip Energy's focus is to supply a clean burning, low cost outdoor heating system that can burn a variety of biomass materials, wastes such as pallets, and some agricultural waste material.

Features & Capabilities:

  • 30,000 to 800,000 BTU
  • Clean Burning
  • Up to 1900�F
  • Adjustable Output
  • Automated Fuel
  • Automated Ash Removal
  • Easy Maintenance
  • 24/7 Continuous Operation
  • Low Emissions
  • Low Cost Biomass Fuels
  • Large Fuel Hopper
  • PLC Controls
  • Fast Shutdown

Now Available

Looking to invest but need more information? Download the Biomass Furnace information document.

Until now, very few companies have manufactured a biomass/waste combustion system that was clean burning enough to pass strict new emission regulations and also affordable, automated, reliable and capable of burning a variety of fuels.

Chip Energy has designed a virtually smokeless, high efficiency outdoor boiler replacement that can use many diverse biomass fuels in chip or pellet form.  The United States EPA has awarded Chip Energy with a Phase I research and development grant to start the commercialization of the biomass furnace. Chip Energy is combining a small footprint micro-gasifier with a flash boiler to create a very efficient heating system that is economical to manufacture and easy to operate. Unlimited numbers of small businesses and homeowners can have chip or pellet fuel delivered and stored in a hopper that is sized for their usage.

Chip Energy is working on five problems in biomass combustion technology:

Chip Energy plans to develop a network of dealers and create a franchise program that promotes company growth. A new type of decentralized biomass recovery handling and recycling is needed to economically handle and utilize this type of fuel. Chip Energy and its dealers will supply fuel, heating systems, and installation services to the North American market. Small commercial systems afford these significant advantages over present fossil fuels: biomass fuel is available in decentralized locations offsetting disposal costs and lowering fuel delivery economics.

The use of biomass combustion for energy can solve many of our nation's problems: waste cleanup, inexpensive energy, conservation of fossil fuel reserves, increased local employment, retention of energy dollars in the local economy, improved air quality, and retarding of global warming. When we consider the full, long-term environmental costs of fossil fuels, we must look for alternative sources of energy. Biomass is by far the largest contender today.

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